This simple and luxurious atmosphere will gives you an impression of good old modernism and also have an art deco interior.

Our gallery has various uses, such as exhibition, group exhibition, photo shoot, art event, concert and so on. We are looking forward to hearing creative ideas from you.

Here's the meaning of our gallery "Galerie Lã". Lã means 'the sun' in hawaiian, 'her' in spanish and 'you' in latin. Like the warm and smooth sun shine upon us, we deliver you amazing arts.

Picture of the whole space

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Available length of using From Monday to Sunday.
Available time 11AM to 7PM ( till 5PM on the last day)
Usage fee 1 unit ¥300,000 / 1Day (from Monday to Thursday) ¥70,000 / 1Day (from Friday to Sunday) ¥70,000 Pay full price when you apply All including tax
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